The child rearing is the best entertainment.

Added function to manage multiple playlists!

Hello, everyone! I’m Ryota, Hayaemon developer. This version is based on many user’s request. Added function to manage multiple playlists. We can manage multiple playlists freely. For example, We can divide playlist by artist. Let’s use Hayaemon.

After development

On Saturday, February 18, 2017, I went to a kindergarten to watch the stage show by my daughter (upper child, 4 years old). My daughter is 4 years old, and she is in kindergarten a year earlier, so this is the second time stage show. Wow, it is impressive. I can not suppress emotions. And the impression does not go down. Impression.

I think child rearing is the best entertainment. Parenting is fun. We start from worrying before the child was born. Will it be born safely? And, even after the child was born, the situation will change day by day. Growing, the things that can be done little by little will increase. Expressions and talking words also change. It is really fun.

Only walking by my child first time, tears come out. From the eyes. No, I don’t need to say “from the eyes”. Tears do not flow from other than eyes. It is serious if tears come from outside my eyes. If tears come out from my ear, I’m concerned about the surrounding eyes. “Wow, is strange liquid coming out from his ear?” It’s embarrassing to wipe my ear with a handkerchief.

What was I talking about? Oh, about child. The third person will be born in April. I hope that he will be born safely. The next birth is a boy. Girl, girl, and boy. So, I will return to the story of the stage show.

The recent kindergarten stage show is amazing. First, it will be held twice on weekdays and holidays. Moreover, a professional cameraman shoots the video and sells the video with DVD or Blu-ray. It is a little concert. This is amazing. In other words, even if they call a professional photographer, they will not be in deficit. It means that DVDs and Blu-ray sell a lot.

Of course i also bought the Blu-ray. “Taking pictures and videos of children” is a genre that seems to have many business opportunities yet. For example, if anyone takes a picture of the usual state of kindergarten and the appearance at elementary school, even if it is somewhat expensive, I definitely will buy it.

For the kindergarten stage show, everyone is lined up before the kindergarten is opened. Despite being cold outside. This is “love”. So let’s enjoy “Your” music with Hayaemon!!



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